Business Details Setup

Entering your business details

Business Details Setup

SliQ Invoicing and Quoting is very easy to set up and configure. All setup for SliQ is done on the tabs shown in the screenshots below. SliQ allows you to configure:-


  • Business details - business name, address, contact details
  • Add  your own logo to your invoices, quotes, credit notes and statements
  • Choose a currency
  • Set VAT and Tax rates
  • Enter standard text such as payment details to be included on all invoices, quotes and statements.
  • Select templates for your invoice, quotes and so on.
  • Plus more...

SliQ Invoicing and Quoting provides a handy preview of how your invoices, quotes, credit notes and statements will look when you have made your setup changes.

You can choose to add your own logo or use invoices and quotes without logos. A number of invoice templates are provided allowing you to choose which template suits you. The screenshot below only shows the SliQTools logo to show where your own logo will be displayed on the selected invoice template.

Invoice Setup Tab

This screen allows you to enter your business name, address and so on for use on your invoices, quotes, credit notes and statements.

Business Details Entry Screen