Invoice Software for Small Businesses

The easiest and quickest way of invoicing

Easy Invoicing Software

SliQ Invoicing and Quoting is an invoice software package that helps you create professional invoices, quotes, credit notes and ageing reports. We've designed our package for non-accountants to enable small business to manage their invoicing and billing with a minimum of fuss.

Whatever your business does, e.g. whether you are a charity, builder, decorator or web designer, if you need to write quotes, estimates or invoices, our invoicing/ billing software will help you to produce professional results and improve your business image. If you regularly invoice customers the same amount, you can use SliQ's recurring invoice feature - set the period at which you want to bill the customer and SliQ will automatically raise the invoices on the right dates.

To get started with our invoice software, all you need to do is enter your business details, choose a currency and then begin raising invoices and quotes. You'll be up and running in minutes!

I just wanted to say that I really love this program....The ease of use is amazing - it has really made managing my clients and invoices a breeze - THANK YOU SO MUCH

Invoice Templates

Our invoicing software supports multiple invoice templates.

Professional Invoice Example


You can add your company logo to your invoices and quotes and choose a template and colour scheme that best suits your business. 

To find out more about our invoice templates, click the example invoice on the left.

You can change the selected template at any time on the Template Setup tab in our invoice software.

Invoice Software Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits from using our invoice software:-

  • Extremely easy to use!

Our software hasn't been padded with features you don't need and which just make the software harder to use. Learning how to use the software takes only minutes.

  • Create Statements, Ageing Reports & Credit Notes

As well as invoices and quotes, produce statements of unpaid invoices for specific customers as well as credit notes.

  • Invoices & Quotes are Numbered Automatically

Each new invoice or quote your raise is assigned a new number automatically. You can edit the automatic invoice number if you wish.

  • Set up Automatic or Recurring Invoices

Select an existing invoice, set the desired period, e.g. monthly and SliQ will automatically create a fresh copy of the invoice - all you need do is print or email the invoice. SliQ even includes a bulk printing facility for automatic invoices saving you even more time.

  • Turn Quotes into Invoices with a single click

When a customer accepts a quote, you can raise an invoice by selecting the quote and pressing a button. The invoice will automatically include the quote number.

  • Email items to customers

All items raised within SliQ Invoicing and Quoting can be automatically converted to PDFs and emailed from within the software package.

  • Raise repeat copies of invoices

With a single click you can raise a fresh copy of any existing invoice or quote.

  • Optional Remittance Slips on Invoices and Statements

You can choose to add remittance slips to your invoices and customer statements.

  • Product Invoices & Service Invoices are supported

You can choose whether an invoice or quote includes Quantity and Each columns or whether Service Invoices should be produced that just have Description and Price columns.

  • Discount invoice items by percentage or amount

Discounts can be applied to invoices. The discounts can either be a percentage of the previous item on the invoice or absolute amount.

  • Database of Products, Discounts and Prices

You can store a database of standard products and discounts for quick selection when editing an invoice or quote.

  • Configurable Currencies and tax rates

SliQ can be configured to work with any currency or tax rates.